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General Trade

Riverdale Commodities SA (RDSA)

RDSA is the trading arm of the Khaitan Holdings Group. A company incorporated in Geneva, Switzerland. The company was formed in 2014 and acquired by the group in 2021. RDSA trades in a variety of products and also offer trade finance solutions to enable businesses to flourish.

The Company has generated over USD 2bn in revenue since inception.

Crude Oil

Since 2019, Riverdale Commodities SA has traded various crude oil cargoes originating from UK, Norway, Algeria and the USA, destined to a large European refinery.

Riverdale Commodities India Pvt Ltd (RDI)

           RDI is a 100% owned subsidiary of RDSA. The company is focused on the trade of metals and coals.

Driven by a motivated team of professionals, the company has its focus set on

  • The business of cash and carry of various products like coal, iron ore, gypsum etc. which are brought into India and has an understanding with various ports in the Western, Eastern and Southern parts of the country.

  • Domestic Indian trade of various goods.

  • Exports of raw material and steel products from India.

Interface Transworld LLC (ITW)

     ITW is a Limited Liability Company incorporated in Dubai and was established in the early 1990s to engage in General Trading- specifically in Minerals and Industrial Raw Materials. ITW has been established as a leading trader and supplier of mineral materials Dolomite and Limestone (Steel Grade) to various Steel Plants in India and other countries.


Today the company is actively engaged in trading of Ferro Alloys to various countries and also providing administrative support to RDSA and RDI.

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