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Cricuru is India’s largest online cricket coaching platform with over 2400+ video lessons from 30+ leading cricketers and has been founded by Virender Sehwag and Sanjay Bangar.

Cricuru IP is registered to Sports Guru Tech India Private Limited (SGPL), Indian subsidiary of Khaitan Tech Holdings Limited (KTHL), Sharjah Media City Company which is the Tech holding Company of Khaitan Holdings Group)

The vision at Cricuru is to democratize the cricket learning amongst youngsters through a combination of Video Lessons from 34 handpicked coaches, AI-led technology to evaluate batting, and calendarized Live Sessions with the coaches over a period of time.

The Cricuru curriculum for each player has been developed by Virender Sehwag, Sanjay Bangar, and the concerned player. Each course gives an insight into the coach’s skill development routine and mindset that made them successful at the highest level. Going through these courses will help you learn to play cricket correctly from an early age.

If YOU are passionate about learning to play cricket and willing to work on the smallest aspects of your game, come join us at Cricuru.

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The Selector 

The biggest disruption in the world of T20 cricket – now chooses who stays in the team and who misses out.

Select your playing XI from international and local players, choose your captain, take a call at the toss, decide on-field tactics and more.

Lead your favourite players to victory in a REAL cricket match, a fan-tactic match. Now fans are captains with fantastic tactics. It’s fan-tactic!

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The Selector Fan Cup 

Gemini Arabians

Gemini Arabians franchise in Masters Champions League (MCL), a Twenty20 cricket league was held by Khaitan Holdings. The team was captained by Virender Sehwag and coached by Andrew Shedlock from South Africa. The tournament was a T20 format for retired cricketers held in UAE. The franchises were named after star signs and Khaitan Holdings Group bought the star sign representing Gemini for 10 years. The team was named Arabians representing the spirit of Arabia being the local team owner of UAE.

The Management

  • Nalin Khaitan (Team Owner & CEO)

  • Rajesh Puri (COO)

The official theme of the team was Tu Mar Mere Yaar sung by singer Sidharth Mahadevan and the official colours Red with golden stars. The jersey was revealed in the skies above Dubai with skydivers unfurling a giant jersey. Some of the team players and team owner Nalin Khaitan also joined in the action and parachuted down into the venue. The unfurling was followed by an official launch ceremony and press conference attended by journalists representing all major media outlets in the United Arab Emirates. The Khaitan Holdings Group has been very closely involved with the development of cricket in the UAE. As a reflection of this, the team’s mascots were cricket-loving Emirati twins.

Gemini Arabians won the prestigious MCL2020 cup in the inaugural season in 2016 after going undefeated in the tournament.


Though the tournament was meant for retired players, some national cricket boards faced issues with current players seeking no-objection certificates to play. The League also faced a player-payment issue during the tournament.


Gemini Arabians was the only team to honour all the payment to the players and service providers as per Federation of International Cricketers’ Associations and due to which Khaitan Holdings Group got global recognition in the field of cricketing sport. 

Due to poor management, the league was folded after just one season.

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